Waxing Paper

Special texture... Strong tackiness...

Blenior Waxing Paper provides you an easy and practical waxing experience with its strong adhesiveness and rigid, untearable design.

The papers produced in thick, flat and durable form are a total of 2,5 meters comprised of 10 papers. Each paper is of 7 cm width and 25 lengths.


  • 2,5 meters of of waxing papers 10 Pcs (in a single package cut to 25 cm x 10 cm)
  • Hygienic and practical.
  • Flat and durable form.
  • Strong adhesion.
  • Inflexible and untearable texture for waxing.
  • 10 Waxing Papers each cut to size 7cm x 25cm (Total of 2.5 m)
  • For practical and hygienic waxing, spread Blenior Liposoluble Wax on dry and clean skin to fit the size of waxing paper.
  • Firmly stick the strip on your skin so that there will be space left to pick the Blenior Waxing Paper.
  • Stretch your skin with one hand and pull away the waxing paper in the opposite direction of hair growth and parallel to your skin.
Product Stock Code M-ABZ0001
Product Barcode 8698605060011
Net Weight of Product (kg) 0,014
Gross Weight of Product (kg) 0,016
Dimensions of Product (cm) H: 13,7 W: 0,4 L: 9
CRT Barcode 8698605067966
Unit in CRT 48
CRT Weight (kg) 0,880
CRT Parcel (cm) H: 14,3 W: 18,4 L: 22,5
PCS in Pallet 9600
CRT in Pallet 200
Pallet Arrangement 10 Layer x 20 Row
Pallet Weight (kg) 191,00
Pallet Dimensions (cm) H: 80 W: 120 L: 154

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